Monday, December 21, 2009

Best thing about retirement…? EVERYTHING!

Today is a perfect day to start our blog in sunny Miami, Florida. After years of working at the same place as the letters of winglatino's logo, we have decided to retire in style (after all, they have a brand new logo in charge at "Wing" now). So... Hello Sunshine State!! We deserve it! We were very loyal to the winglatino family (now they call themselves Wing, and honestly, sounds kind of cool) but after all the changes, the moving to the Flatiron district, the growing, we decided it was time for us to relax. We had the biggest responsibility at that office, being the first impression anyone ever got when they visited. Tough!! Always perfect, always shiny, always in shape, waxed, tanned…even in winter!

But those days are
over. Goodbye: frozen, endless winter of New York. Hello: golden, everlasting summer of Miami Beach!!!

w o g a t l i i n n

So much in common

Color was never an issue for us. Not even before thinking about retirement.

Years, months, or even weeks ago… we weren’t aware of the way we felt for each other. It was just a professional relationship. But then, you know, with all the free time… maybe that made us feel closer. That’s when we started to notice we had more in common than we thought.

And when people saw us together, everyone said “Oh my God, you both are made for each other.”

It took only one night to become close…

Yeah, right! it was kind of a crazy night, at least the parts I still remember.

n & n

Retirement is one thing… Free time is another.

We all thought we were going to rest at 305… but hey, there is a world out there. And life doesn’t wait. All our days are busy: games, shopping, sports, excursions, more shopping, nights out, and whatnot.

These retirement days are exhausting (maybe it’s the age). Good thing I know a spa we can go to this weekend.

w i t g a l i n n o

Just another great day at the beach

My back kind of hurts now… we forgot our sun block.


Yes, we are officially in love!

Whether it’s under the sun, or just at home, staring at the rain…there are no cloudy days for us.

And neither the storms, the food that takes forever, nor the pool’s chlorine that ruins our paint, matters at all. It’s just us... together.

n & n

So close that we couldn’t see each other.

It could happen to anyone. We were on that wall for so long, we didn't even notice each other.

But we are great friends now. We feel like…cousins!!! (even though, they are like my teenage kids to me). It feels great, having the chance to be close as a group, enjoying our retirement together, playing games, sunbathing, laughing… even hiding under a few trees like in this picture from last week (BTW, it was a nudist beach, at Haulover).

Good stuff. Kind of intimate though. Sorry, no more pictures today.

Letter "l"

Love always remains: Our story

We always knew our metallic hearts would forever beat as one. But sometimes life is not fair, someone decided that we were destined to live the rest of our lives on that wall, and the other letters between us would break us apart.

For too many years we were close enough to feel each other’s presence, but far enough to not be able to touch each other… Oh Lord!!

Fortunately those days are gone now.

We are finally together…at last.

w + o = forever

Our story has a beginning

And no end…

We only hope the other guys are having a good time too.

Sweet retirement everyone!!

w & o

Goodbye 2009 Video

Before our retirement, we even made a movie (that's when we were living in NYC).